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At JanyuTech, we know the importance of protecting personal information. Thus, through this privacy policy, we describe how we maintain transparency while collecting and using it. It does not mean we collect your data the moment you arrive on our website. We follow some procedures mentioned in this privacy policy to collect, store, and use your personal information, whether voluntarily or involuntarily shared by you.
By using our services, we assume that you approve of our data collection, usage, and distribution methods mentioned in our privacy policy. Thus, please go through our privacy policy carefully and know your rights for data protection.

Data Collection

We get your name, contact number, email ID, and your company’s name when you submit the contact form. Your additional details are included in your resume that you sent us while applying for a position at JanyuTech through our ‘Careers’ page.
We assume this information was voluntarily shared by you. Besides that, we do not ask for other sensitive information through our official website This applies to all our customers, partners, suppliers, and business associates.

Types of Information Collected

We collect two types of information: about you and your device used to access our official website.

Your Information

As mentioned before, we collect your personal information through our contact number, submission form, and email address present on our official website.

Your Device’s Information

We collect your device’s information when you visit our official website. For instance, we collect your device’s following information:
Note: We do not ask for money or other assets through our official website. Similarly, we do not ask anyone to enter their sensitive information, like their Aadhaar card number, PAN card number, credit card information, and more.

Utilisation Of Your Information

We use your information for the following purposes:

To Understand User Requirements

We try to understand your requirements to provide you with the services or response you requested. It is because we value your time and want to provide you with smooth navigation throughout our official website. Moreover, it helps us create a loyal customer base.

To Identify Potential Threats To Our Official Website Or Organisation

Just like your personal information, our website is also prone to attacks. Thus, we record only the required information to be on the safer side and identify you in the case of a security breach. Thus, it also helps us protect our rights

For Business Transactions

We might share your information with those involved in business with us to improve our business and other strategies.

To Improve Our Official Website And Organisation In The Future

We might only store your information securely on the back end and use it in the future whenever we find it helpful. However, we will ensure that we use it according to the law and only for good purposes.
Note: We do not share, distribute, or sell your personal or sensitive information to third parties. We regularly examine our official website for vulnerabilities, bugs, errors, threats, and flaws to protect your and our information. Your information is stored safely at our backend, and only authorised people can access it.

Google Analytics

We monitor your personal information and behaviour pattern through Google Analytics to learn about your potential age, operating system, gender, entrance and exit time, location, and more. However, these patterns are only used to improve our official website, services, and other strategies.


Your information can be sent to our operating offices outside of the state, where information and data protection laws might differ. We ensure protection from our side but cannot guarantee that your information gets securely transferred over insecure internet, though we have firewalls.
We might share your information, with confidentiality, with the organisations or individuals we merge with or acquire. It will be only for improving our strategies and business operations, not for your security breach.
We might also share your personal data according to the law only with authorised personnel if we detect your involvement in crime.

External Links

Our official website might contain external links to third parties, and we do not promise protection of your data submitted through these sites. Moreover, these third parties have their own privacy policies. Thus, we advise you to go through their privacy policies before using their services or submitting your data to them.


A cookie is a text file sent by the web server to your web browser when you visit the website for the first time. Cookies are not used for a virus attack or running any program. Instead, they are used to remember you and offer you results according to what you previously searched for.
These cookies are uniquely assigned, and only the web server can read them. Their disability is only a few clicks away through your browser settings. However, you might not be able to use some parts of our official website if you do not accept cookies.

Types of Cookies

We might use the following types of cookies:

Non-persistent Cookies

Non-persistent cookies do not collect personal information. Instead, they are used for seamless navigation and disappear when you close the browser.

Analytics Cookies

We might track user behaviour and website visitors using analytics cookies.

Session Cookies

Session cookies store information regarding your activities after starting a session. They disappear at the end of the session.

Persistent Cookies

Persistent cookies come with an expiration date and remain on your device even if you close the browser. They store your login information, language preference, and settings to save you time and enhance your experience using the site.


We do not purposely collect information from children. Thus, if you think your child has accidentally submitted some personal information, you may reach out to us.

Copyright Policy

You may refer to the information mentioned on our official website. However, we must be acknowledged and cited in that case. You may reach out to us if you want to reproduce the material available on our official website.

Changes To Our Privacy Policy

At JanyuTech, we believe in meeting our clients’ demands in changing times. Thus, our privacy policy and the official website might change accordingly. In that case, we request that you regularly go through our privacy policy for up-to-date information.
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