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VARAHA - UGV Surveillance Robot

Varaha is a cutting-edge unmanned ground vehicle (UGV) surveillance robot designed for remote-controlled investigations across various applications. With the ability to be controlled and operated by humans, it offers flexibility and adaptability in diverse scenarios. Equipped with high-resolution cameras, this unmanned ground vehicle robotics solution captures videos and images with exceptional clarity. This unmanned ground system goes into areas dangerous for humans.
Advantages Of VARAHA – UGV Surveillance Robot:

UGV - Varaha Throwbot

In that case, our robotics solutions for defense offer the following benefits:
The Varaha Series Throwbot is an unmanned ground vehicle (UGV) meticulously engineered for surveillance and military applications. This proven robotics in defense sector boasts reliability in all seasons and weather conditions, ensuring continuous operation regardless of environmental challenges. JanyuTech brings innovation through robotics in defense industry.

Varaha - Day Night Surveillance Robot

Varaha – Day Night Surveillance Robot is a defense robot that enhances security and surveillance capabilities for day and night surveillance. As the name suggests, it offers 24/7 monitoring and records what humans cannot. Thus, our robotic solutions for defense help soldiers in dangerous environments instead of replacing them.
The benefits of our solutions are:

Land MIne-IED-Bomb Detection & Diffusion Robo Varaha

Benefits of Landmine-IED-Bomb Detection & Diffusion Robo Varaha:
Military personnel often deal with landmines. Thus, a landmine detection robot plays an important role in not risking human life. The landmine detection system helps in identifying and neutralizing landmines and other devices hidden beneath the ground. Main battle tanks and armed vehicles follow a path cleared by pilot tanks operated manually to minimize the risk of damage or distraction to the vehicles and to prevent casualties among defence crews.

Crawler with Robotic Arm All Terrain

The all terrain robot comes across various landscapes, steep slopes, sand, mud, rough terrain, and other obstacles. Our rough terrain robot surpasses ordinary robots by handling a wide variety of terrains with ease. It does not worry about the outdoors. Just choose an area and send the all terrain crawler there. So, why send humans to harsh terrain when you have a robot?
JanyuTech offers the following benefits through an all terrain robot:

Varaha four-legged Robot

Varaha QRS (Quality Robotic Systems)

Benefits of our four-legged robot:
The Varaha four-legged robot is also called the quadrupedal robot. It is another robotic solution by JanyuTech for surviving in harsh terrain. It moves only one leg at a time but has stability and a lower center of gravity. Thus, when they lift a leg, they get a tripod configuration.

AGV For military (UPCOMING)

Other benefits of AGV robotic design are:
Automated guided vehicles (AGV) serve various critical roles, especially in the defence system. For instance, the automatic guided vehicle system reduces manual labour, and military personnel can use the remaining time to enhance other capabilities of the military. These AGV robots can transport various heavy equipment from one point to another.
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