Robot as a service- RAAS

Sewer Cleaning Robot as a service

Sewer Cleaning Robots

Regular sewer cleaning is a must because it helps maintain public health and protect the environment while ensuring proper wastewater treatment. It prevents structural damage and helps identify the issues in the sewage pipes before the situation gets out of hand.
However, such humans get exposed to toxic particles in the sewage which leads to respiratory problems, infections, and other health hazards. Here’s where JanyuTech comes to the rescue by offering a robotic sewer cleaning machine that ensures the cleanliness, functionality, and safety of urban sewer systems.

RAAS- Sewer cleaning Robot (SCE/SCH)

Support Offered By JanyuTech

The comprehensive support offered by JanyuTech with sewage cleaning robots are:


The following are the benefits of Robots As A Service (RAAS):
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