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Whether you need a machine for sewer cleaning, sludge removal, or solar panel maintenance, JanyuTech has you covered. In addition to these services, we provide Private LTE Network solutions and a range of value-added services. We understand the dangers humans face in sludge, sewer, and solar cleaning operations and offer superior robotic cleaning solutions designed for speed and precision. Our comprehensive suite of solutions is customized to meet your specific technological needs, ensuring optimal performance and safety.

Benefits of JanyuTech’s Services:

JanyuTech unlocks a new level of efficiency in the world of robotics through our expertise in Robot as a Service (RAAS) and industrial waste collection and treatment. To solve your problems while going hand-in-hand with technology, we offer the following services:
1. Sludge Cleaning Service

Our sludge removal machine can traverse the hazardous sludge accumulated in industrial pipes and collect, store, and dispose appropriately.

2. Sewer Cleaning Service

Our sewer cleaning services come with advanced cleaning attachments for optimal flow and prevention of blockages in the sewers.

3. Solar Cleaning Service

Our solar cleaning robot solution comes with advanced cleaning techniques for solar panel cleaning under conditions dangerous for humans.

4. Private LTE Network

We provide robotic solutions in Private LTE Networks for enhancing scalability and offering high-performance connectivity within the network.

5. Value Added Services

We offer value-added services like consulting and advisory, technical support, security and compliance, robotic training, engineering, industrial cleaning, and robotic services.

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Sludge Cleaning Services
Cleaner, Greener, Smarter with Our Sludge Cleaning Service
sludge cleaning (1)
Sewer Cleaning Services
Flow Towards a Cleaner Future With JanyuTech’s Sewer Cleaning Service
Solar panel cleaning Robot
Solar Cleaning Services
Get A Fully-Burdened Solar Cleaning Service with JanyuTech
Private LTE Network
Embrace JanyuTech's Private LTE Network Solutions and Unleash Creativity
Industrial Cleaning Services
Value Added Services
Our Value-Added Services: Enhance Your Experience with Superior Solutions
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