Heavy Engineering Metals

VARAHa Heavy Engineering Metals Series

Varaha Magnetic Crawler for NDT Testing

Innovative technology solution for non-destructive testing (NDT) applications is the Varaha NDT robot. This smart crawler uses a variety of sensors and inspection equipment to easily perform component, material, and structural examination.
The advanced automated system has the following advantages:

Smelter Bath Charger

The Smelter Bath Charger robot improves efficiency, safety, and consistency in operations in heavy engineering automation. Moreover, it performs smelting operations through industrial automation solutions. It feeds raw materials into the smelting furnace with accuracy and high precision for an easy production process.
This advanced robotics for heavy engineering has the following benefits:

Bath Crusher robot

The Smelter bath crusher robot is another heavy equipment automation for breaking large chunks into smaller and manageable pieces. The word ‘bath’ refers to the large container or vessel where the material is processed. On the other hand, another term, ‘crusher,’ is about crushing or breaking down the material. Thus, using this material handling automation tool is a must.
We offer the following benefits through the smelter bath crusher:
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