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Welcome to our Saturday Talk Series, a platform where individuals from diverse fields come together to share their unique experiences and insights. We believe that the most valuable lessons often stem from the real-life journeys of others, and that’s why we bring together a wide array of professionals, experts, and enthusiasts to engage in meaningful conversations. Whether you’re interested in technology, arts, entrepreneurship, or any other domain, our Saturday Talk Series offers a rich tapestry of stories and wisdom that can inspire, inform, and ignite your own passions. Join us each Saturday as we foster a community of learning and growth, connecting people from different walks of life and celebrating the remarkable tapestry of human experiences.

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What our Saturday Talk Series offers:

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Introduction To The Cryptocurrency By Satish Betadpur
Experience On Shaping The Indian Space Program By Shri S. Parameswaran Ji
Space Technology & Applications In India & Life Experiences By Dr. V. S. Hegde
Global Order And Critical Technologies By Mr. Abhimanyu Raja
The Other Side Of You By Shri. R. Thiyagarajan Ji
The Armed Forces Training & Its Relevance In The Civil World By Commander, Dr. Anil Rane
Introduction To Material Science From Macro To Nano By Dr. Arvind Singh
Life On The Edge By Lt Gen Dr. Subrata Saha
Transnational Business Leveraging Eng. Knowledge In Niche Segments By Shri.Venkateswaran Arunachalam
India's Contribution To Science & Technology By Shri. Mandar Bhanushe Ji
Challanges Of Adopting Robotic Applications In India By Shri. P.D Mani
Ukraine War Fallout On Global Order & India By Shri. Chintamani Mahapatra Ji
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