JanyuTech is committed to elevating your experience through our suite of Value-Added Services (VAS). Whether you’re seeking training to master our robotic products or require comprehensive industrial cleaning solutions, we are here to support you. Additionally, we offer specialized engineering and robotics services, tailored to meet the unique needs of each client. At JanyuTech, client satisfaction is our priority, and we continuously refine our robotic automation offerings to adapt to evolving demands. Staying aligned with the latest industry trends is essential for thriving in the automation sector, and we ensure our services are always at the cutting edge.

Our Value Added Services are:

Robotic Training-Robot Operator

Through robotics training, we provide an educational program to help individuals gain the skills required to handle robots efficiently. It begins with teaching basic principles and goes to robot anotomy, including sensors and control systems. Further, we provide hands-on experience with our robotic solutions.

Industrial Cleaning Services

JanyuTech provides industrial cleaning services through efficient robots that can handle harsh conditions. Moreover, the industrial cleaning machines perform these operations on their own after getting programmed once. It is how our cleaning robotic solutions clean sewers, sludge, and solar panels.

Robotic Services

Robotic services provided by JanyuTech include mining, metal extraction, cement automation, UV disinfection, heavy engineering, and more. Moreover, we conduct periodic inspections, lubrication, painting, replacements, and more. Overall, our robotic services are about maintenance, upgrades, and fine-tuning automation equipment, where we prioritize customer requirements and satisfaction.

Engineering Services

Engineering services provided by JanyuTech include preventive maintenance to extend the life of robotic equipment, required education, robotic and automated solutions to various industries, and modifications in the robotic products according to the changes in demand.

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