Industrial sludge cleaning Robot Series-'VARAHA'

Varaha SC-H Industrial Tank Cleaning Robot

Varaha SC-H performs operations in corrosive, hydrocarbon, and underwater environments. Hydrocarbons, a chemical compound made of hydrogen and carbon atoms, lead to pollution and greenhouse gas emissions. That’s when our Varaha sludge cleaning services come into play.
Key Features:

Varaha SC-E - Industrial Tank Cleaning Robot

Varaha SC-E is a remotely operated robot vehicle for removing dirt, algae, rust flakes, and a slurry (a mixture of denser solids) from water storage tanks. Socio-Cognitive Engineering (SCE) is about building human-robot partnerships. Water gets collected in the hollow sumps, and the ETP (Effluent Treatment Plant) treats the collected waste for reuse. Thus, the storage tanks, ETP, and sumps require regular maintenance to ensure the sanitary levels of the water being stored, which has a direct impact on the health of the citizens.
Key Features:
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